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We are attempting to boot Tiny Core Linux distro from a USB thumbdrive using our Mac Notebook in which we setup the boot loader entirely in a terminal. In the first attempt we downloaded and installed VMWare Fusion to run Ubuntu 18 to run the fdisk commands. Unfortunatly we could not get the Ubuntu ISO to boot.

Stay tuned for part 2 when we use a Docker container to run Ubuntu instead.

Attempt 1: VMWare Fusion

We need to start by signining up for an account at to download and install a copy of VMWare Fusion, which is a Mac compatiple VM player. Then we load Ubuntu 18 server edition to allow us to format our USB drive. Finally we install the ISO images onto the USB drive to boot directly from the USB drive.


    Register for an account at to download VMWare Fusion 11. Install the

  2. Ubuntu 18.04

    Download []Ubuntu 18 ISO

  3. Tiny Core

    Download the latest TinyCore ISO

Once we have downloaded all of our ISO images we are going to use for formatting and booting, we can launch VMWare Fusion to get started with Ubuntu.

  1. Launch VMWare Fusion and load the Ubuntu 18 ISO. Using the Easy Linux Install options, we can fill out some defaults and click continue and finish.

    VMWare Fusion

  2. VMWare launches, click the play button to get started installing Ubuntu. I chose mostly defaults and some basic info for naming the VM and username/password login information.

    Ubuntu Install


Installing Ubuntu 18 Server ISO does not work for me. Lots of this error:/init: line 7: can't open /dev/sr1: No medium found

Ubuntu Error

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