Debugging Port Issues with SAM and Visual Studio Code


When using SAM to debug Lambda functions locally with Visual Studio Code the debugger can be helpful to trace variables and step through code. To do so Visual Studio Code needs to connect to a debugger on port 5858. In this article we’ll discuss how to debug connection issues on this port.

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Using AWS CDK and SAM


With the AWS CDK framework, we can define cloud application resources using familiar programming languages and deploy to CloudFormation to build our resources. Combining this with AWS SAM, the serverless application model, we can deploy Lambda source code and our cloud resources at the same time.

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Create a CodePipeline with CloudFormation


In this article we’ll take a look at AWS CodePipeline, a continuos deployment and integration platform, to deploy updates to an existing Lambda function. We will use CloudFormation to create each step of our CodePipeline, source, build, and deploy. For our source stage, we will use a zip file in S3. Our build stage will use AWS CodeBuild, another managed service of AWS to allow us to build code in the cloud, and finally an existing CloudFormation to deploy our code updates.

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Prepare a NodeJS Lambda Function for CodePipeline


With AWS CodePipeline we can create an continuos integration and deployment using AWS managed services to build, test, and deploy code to our Lambda functions. This article will outline the steps we need to take to prepare our NodeJS Lambda functions to be able to be built using CodeBuild and deployed using CodePipeline.

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Create an IAM Role for CloudFormation


When using CloudFormation to manage resources in AWS, CloudFormation must use an IAM role that has permission to modify each resource defined in the CloudFormation stack. This can either be the user’s role in AWS, or a specified role created for the stack. In this article we’ll see how to easily create a specific role for CloudFormation using AWS CLI.

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