Create Cloudwatch Rule with Cloudformation

In this article we will look at creating a Cloudwatch rule in Amazon Web Services with Cloudformation that will invoke a Lambda function on a timer. We’ll also include custom JSON input to pass to our Lambda function. Prerequisits: You’ll need an AWS account with a Lambda function that we can call from our Cloudwatch rule. Cloudwatch Rules With AWS Cloudwatch we can use rules to invoke our Lambda function. We can have our Cloudwatch rule invoke our Lambda function in two ways, Event Patterns or a Scheduled Events. Continue reading

AWS SQS Message With Attributes


In this post we’ll look at how to post messages to Amazon Web Services Simple Queue Service - AWS SQS , with NodeJS and the AWS SDK. We’ll look at how to post and recieve messages as well as how to add and read messages with attributes.

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Drupal CMS Data with Custom GraphQL Schemas


In this article I am going to setup a custom GraphQL schema that Drupal can use to export CMS data. This article will show how to extend the Drupal 8 GraphQL module and use its examples to build a real world example of a GraphQL server in Drupal 8 while exposing only the data we need in a meaningful way to our front end users.

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Speed Up Drupal 8 Docker Development with Docker Sync


When running Drupal 8 and Docker to develop locally, we often use volumes to map our Drupal files and modules from our local machine to our container so we can edit our files in our local IDE and run the files with our container. But it turns out with large frameworks like Drupal 8 mapping these files with volumes causes our sites to run extremely slow. We can solve this with an open source tool called Docker Sync.

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Drupal 8 GraphQL in Action


In this article we are going to put to use the Drupal 8 GraphQL module by exposing endpoints that run custom GraphQL queries. With these custom queries we can get the data back from Drupal that we need, without confusing our end users with all of the Drupal fluff.

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Drupal 8 GraphQL Module


In this article I’ll show how to install the latest GraphQL Drupal module which you can use to expose Drupal content that can be queried using the Graph Query Language.

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